30 June 2011

On the hobby table: end of June

I was looking around at the carnage of my hobby table and decided it was time to take stock of the current WIPs and where I'm going with them.

In progress:
Pig pen and enclosure 80% complete
Horse stable 75% complete
Holy Relic (large Celtic cross statue) - 80% complete
Viking funeral cart 20% complete (cleaned up and built, awaiting undercoat)
Feast table and benches 20% completed
Hay Stacks 1% complete (I bought the materials!)
Watchtower 1% complete
Properly base all the figs - I have a bunch of magnetised bases, just have to get get stuck into the hundred or so figs!  Most are now actually stuck onto them, which will also help safe storage and transport, but now I have to do all the fiddly bits.

Up and coming
Viking Longship -  I finally got one of those lovely Gripping Beast resin jobs!
Viking Knarr - as above
2 resin  Buildings - again by Gripping Beast

The 'to do' list
some animal enclosures
some animals to inhabit aforementioned enclosures!
a veggie patch or two
interior detailing of the Saxon Church
More A-frame style buildings
a couple of small, elevated storehouses

The 'Wish' list
a Mead/Great Hall!
Palisade defences to enclose the village
a tented camp
a baggage train of mules and horses
a turf roofed house

That little lot will keep me busy until Christmas and beyond, but if I get anywhere near to finishing off that list I'll be as proud as Punch!


  1. Well that lot should keep you busy well past Christmas, why is it us wargamers can't finish just one thing at a time??? Like you, I've got stacks of stuff half started or is it half finished???

  2. I also have the same problem I just can't sit and finish one thing I have to all sorts of things going on. However, it is helpful to list it all out to see what in the world you are doing. And hopefully it will motivate you to finish some of your projects.

  3. I love your expression "the carnage of my hobby table". Even for me (admittedly completely anal retentive when it comes to all other aspects of my life), my hobby workbench is a mess of projects and minis in different stages of partial completion.

  4. I would be very happy to get that much done by Christmas. Good luck Paul.

  5. Never mind getting that lot finished for Christmas, have you room for all the extra unplanned projects that'll pop up over the next 6 months ;-)

  6. A tented camp...check
    A smithy...check
    Animals to go in them...check.
    Hey!!...you´ve pinched my "to do" list! :-D
    Sounds really good...especially the baggage train and the elevated storehouses.