31 May 2011

Warband Progress

Rollo The Frenzied and his warband have returned to Daneland after the recent raiding expedition to England (see here).  You may recall that while the overall battle went to plan, the Vikings suffered higher than comfortable casualties.  As a result, funeral pyres were built for Olaf the Crazed (my Berserker, shot through the throat with an arrow), and the Huscarl Osten.  Truly they fell in battle and are now in Valhalla - Odinn be praised!

During the battle, Rollo had taken charge of the party that ensured Victory by taking control of the bridge and cutting off the Saxon line of retreat.  A cunning stratagem which unfortunately this kept him pretty much out of the fray so experience wise he didn't get much, but did get to 10 Renown for the Victory.  Warband Champion Sven was well in there though and made a Level 2 Hero, and shield maiden Valaria Olafdottir was the most valuable raider with four scalps to her credit (and now leads the butality leaderboard).

In winning the field we were able to loot the Saxon dead and strip them of weapons and armour, and the haul from the village wasn't bad either (we sold the loot in Denmark).  When split evenly between the warbands we got 145 pieces of hacksilver each.  For my own, after paying the upkeep this was invested in hiring Offa (a replacement Berzerker) and Kol (a Huscarl), banking the rest.  As soon as he can rise the silver, Rollo is keen to hire a second Champion and second Berzerker (he can have 2 of each now he has reached 10 Renown).

The Lad simialrly reinvested in his Warband but had less casualties to replace.  He bought up on a new Champion and his gear, and bought helmets for a few of his Lads who had been going without.

So rested and replenished, the Lads are setting sail again this Saturday to raid another English town, and this one has a mighty fine looking Church too...


  1. Always a nice bit of stuff in the churches.

  2. Great stuff Paul. England beware!!

  3. Im really enjoying these game reports, but somewhere along the way I must have missed the game system your using. At first I thought it was the Bretwalda rules, or something similar, but now I'm not so sure.
    Go on, put me out of my misery.

    @Lurk: Good to see you seem to be doing better after that bout of lurgy.

  4. Er never mind. Found the rules. You must have mentioned them about four times in the battlereports already. Whoops

  5. lol, I find the pic to be funny lol

  6. Lock up your daughters, the Vikings are coming!!!! Great stuff!!

  7. Good stuff, I think running a campaign from your games adds so much to each game. The context is great and it really makes you think when planning your course of action.

  8. Thanks all!

    Couldn't agree more Dan, I think campaigns really bring your games to life. Indeed this whole Dark Ages skimish project came out of trying to take the Lad to the next level in his gaming, and start thinking beyond the game in progress. Its working really well.

    Keeping up the momentum (and interest) is the hardest part. At the moment its working well for us though!