27 May 2011

Dark Age fortified village

As I continue to add to my Dark Ages village, I know that in due course I want it to be fortified to resist those pesky marauders who keep appearing.  I'm prioritising on the Church and a longship first, but in due course it will happen.

I was therefore delighted to find this rather wonderful step by step WIP of a Dark Ages fortified Celt village - very inspiring!  Its diorama style is too cluttered for gaming on as it is, but there is some wonderful detailing in it and I particularly like the half built hut.

Perhaps if I give up work I'll have time to build all things I want to!


  1. That is fricking awesome! Reminds me of Rome Total War and all the barbarian villages you start out with when playing Gauls, Germans or Britons. Could also pass for a 13th warrior scenario game :D (I actually don't think that movie deserves all the bad rep it received).

    I think you should do the wall in 4 pieces for easy transport, roughly a quarter per piece. And keep all houses loose for a modular setup of the village. You also need a Greathall for your Viking lords feasts!

  2. Nice looking village and something more that I need to make.I can understand your thinking. I also need to give up work to give me time for making things!!

  3. Very cool! I'm making an Irish ring-fort and will put it up on my blog when done. I'm making it totally mobile.