28 May 2011

Building terrain boards

At the moment I'm using a veteran GW gaming mat (which has never had a GW game played on it...) but I've always had a hankering to make some terrain boards.  Storage is the main problem for me, though I might do a limited project, with modified ones for build up a coastal line.

At any rate there is a very good step-by step tutorial here:

and some more great hints and planning ideas here:

Looks like a good project  NOT do in the lounge room then....


  1. I have the same problem not place to safely store a game board. Its not that I am unhappy with my gaming matt. Sometimes I just like the look of a board that has all the terrain smoothly flow from one another.

  2. The other real advantage I think is the ability to dig DOWN, which you cant do any other way. Then your rivers, creeks, sunken roads and gullies look much better and you get proper LOS.

    I guess it comes down to aesthetics. Some people are happy to game with bits of carboard for troops and green felt hills - I'm just not one of those guys.

  3. I have the same problem. Keep wanting to make some boards, but where the hell to store 'em?

  4. Well mine reside in the garage.

    but prior to that, ive out em under the eaves of the house, under the spare bed, and even hung them on the back of a cupboard door :)

    Thanks for the repost BTW, if there's any questions that come up, let me know if I can help.

  5. No probs Karitas - they came out so well that I thought your project needed some wider circulation!