16 May 2011

Paint your Wagon

Recently, the lack of a wagon model forced us to use a giant wooden rabbit as a treasure conveyance (see The Battle of the Bridge here).  Naturally this had to be rectified so we could move on to new silliness.
Presenting my scratch built wagon, made from offcuts in the bits box.  Its mostly balsa wood, which I scribed with a Biro to make the planking effect, matchsticks for the uprights, plasticard and more matchsticks for wheels and coffee stirrers for the limber.  The method is described in detail in Wargames Illustrated Issue 279

I sprayed it black, did some brown dry brushing, added some mud splash effects and filled it with some resin barrels and crates I got from Fenris Games.  Overall, I'm really happy with how it came out, and put it directly to use in a recent game (in which the Lad was saddened by a complete lack of giant wooden rabbits!)


  1. That is awesome. Plus, it's a much more practical conveyance for loot than a rabbit!

  2. i love it! mancave, there u go again with inspiration since i was just thinking about making some wagons. truly great minds think alike. great job, my friend! cheers.

  3. What.....NO MORE RABBITS!!!!!!!!

    Great job by the way!! I need me one of those!!

  4. Thanks guys, I was pleased with the outcome.

    The trickiest bit was getting the wheels circular by hand. Now that I have discoverd that Nic at Eureka Miniatures sells these style wheels for less than a dollar, I wont bother making them myself again!

    Still, its nice to look at this wagon and tell myself that I did all of it.

    Herrodadog - good luck mate. Looking forward to seeing yours, which will no doubt blow mine out of the water - like all your other endeavours!!! :-)