08 January 2011

Target: Omsk

The flash signal came in over the CRM-114: Its Wing Attack Plan R, time for some: Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies

We have been assigned the GREEN ingress route for the Primary target at Omsk - the 62nd Rocket Division - with a secondary target at Komsomol'sk.  Loaded up with a 30Mt, 20Mt for those plus a 10Mt spare for any targets of opportunity we might come across...  Defensive stores wise, we loaded up two each of chaff and flares.

Flying at High altitude, all threats are Low, nil damage...hold on boys, we're going in!
Zone 1: Intercepted over the Yellow Sea by long range interceptors (MiG-1) - attack successful but no significant damage sustained.

Zone 2: Flew through the fixed coastal SAM battery zone, deployed chaff to successfully evade missiles.  Coastal radar site also detected us - all threats upgraded to Medium  

Zone 3: No doubt aided by Soviet radar tracking, we were intercepted again by MiGs flying a defensive pattern over the secondary target at Komsomol'sk.  Deployed flares to evade attack while we lined up for the bomb run...sucessfully released a 20Mt device to vaporise the area (6VPs) - Take that Ivan!

Zone 4: (-1 fuel).  Resistance getting tougher now - took damage from interceptors and deployed chaff against a mobile Heavy SAM launcher (+2) but it was ineffective and we took another hit which ruptured one of the auxiliary fuel tanks (now down to 18: dumped 1 fuel unit).  Almost there...

Zone 5: SAM installation protecting the primary target was ineffective due to our high altitude.  Deployed a 30Mt yield device fused for airburst at 10,000 feet,  producing a lovely mushroom cloud where the 62nd Rocket Division once existed (18VPs) - that'll take the sting out of Ivan's retaliatory capability.

Now to get home...

Zone 4: Interference from the 30Mt explosion has disrupted coordination of the local air defence system, and the local MiG squadron and Heavy SAM launcher were ineffective.  

Zone 3: Just ash where Komsomol'sk once was...  Smiles all round boys!

Zone 2: Overflew the fixed SAM site, which was ineffective due to our high altitude

Zone 1:  Intercepted by more MiGs as we exited Soviet airspace.  Deployed flares but they were ineffective and the MiGs remained locked on.  Took minor damage but managed to evade to return to base.

Zone 0 - Landed with the 10Mt reserve weapon unused (no targets of opportunity identified).  Important promotions and personal citations for all! (+3VPs for B-52 survival, +3VPs for crew surviving)

Total VPs: 30                                         Mission Result: Mission Success!

Summary- really enjoyed this mission, my first proper one and have decided to make it the start of the four mission campaign.  Played quickly and easily and gave a very cinematic experience true to the theme.  Surprised at the lack of random event cards, but it was a short mission after all.  Use of high altitude conserved fuel and minimised the SAM threat.

Next mission: Route YELLOW ...

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