16 January 2011

Free scenarios

Using Ambush Alley's "Force on Force Primer", available for free download.  They are pretty generic so use them for moderns, WWW2, SF, whatever you like.  Their website says:

Force on Force is a scenario driven game and we have a LOT of them coming your way in the form of FoF Theater Packs and Force Books. I can hear you out there thinking, “That’s great, guys, but what are you going to do for me now?” Well, we’re going to give you a bunch of scenarios, of course!

Piers Brand, author of the Watching Jerry, Clearing the Old Quarter, and Bakers Corner scenarios in the Force on Force rule book, has put together a collection of six archetypal scenarios, each of which would be at home in any period or theater of war. Best of all, every scenario includes a generic order of battle as well as orders of battle specific to two different historical periods, so in essence you’ll be receiving eighteen different scenarios!

These scenarios are generic enough to serve as models for your own! Tinker with them a little here, add forces from your existing miniatures collection, and you’re ready to go!

Oh, and did we mention that the six scenarios string together to form a coherent campaign?
So, guess what we’re charging for this versatile campaign pack? NOTHING!

That’s right, we’re giving you the Force on Force Primer for free - it’s just our little way of saying thank-you for buying Force on Force!


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