10 January 2011

Target: Moscow!

This last Mission is a toe curler boys - into the heart of Russia for some up close and personal Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat!
Yep - the rest o' them missions is gonna look like a stroll through my Pa's fields compared to this one - we're on the RED Rout to Moscow! And Ivan's been prepping fur this one since them Nazis left so its gonna be a tight squeeze between all them SAM batteries and MiGs!

Secondary and tertiary targets have been allocated: Moscow Military District Air Defence Forces, and the 2nd Air Army Air Defence Force - but we're gonna try something a bit different this time: we'll take a 10Mt for the secondary (and neutralise the nasty MiG+3 defences there), ignore the tertiary and any targets o' opportunity, and I'm gonna take the big one - a 50 Megatonner - to drop smack bang into the middle o' Red Square.  That'll sort them Rooskies out! (and maximise VPs too.  Standard defensive stores of two chaff and two flares).

This is the big one boys - strap in and get ready for a wild ride!

Zone 1: No sneakin' up this time boys- ther' Soviet radars everywhere and we cant jam 'em all - took a minor a hit (1 dam) from a MiG but punched through the border - Keep yer eyes peeled boys! (all threats at Mdm and maintaining high altitude to minimise them SAMs)

Zone 2:  Another interceptor took a little bit outta us (1 dam).  I also heard me some rumours that secur'ity ain't been so tight lately, so we gotta be careful (Event Card: "Ivan's Got the flight plan" - SAM attack, 3 damage - dumped 1 fuel unit).  The tertiary target below looks tempting, but I'm keepin' the payload for the Kremlin!

Zone 3: Avoided the mobile SAM launcher but got bushwacked by a MiG who took a big chunk outta the wing (3 dam - dumped another fuel unit)

Zone 4: (-1 fuel).  Those pesky MiGs are gonna be the death of us - another big chunk outta the other wing this time (4 dam, dumper another fuel unit), but at least them boys on the ground cant see us too well at high alittiude and keep missin'.  Dropped a 10Mt bomb on Moscow Military District Air Defence Forces so hopefully that scrambles their next few intercepts! 3 VPs

Zone 5: Getting real bumpy now.  Pounced by two MiGs - avoided one but hit by another - the old birds' getting rickety like ma Ma's old rockin' chair and pretty tough to fly! (3 more dam - down to only 10 damage points left).  We'll make it though, I just know it!

Zone 6: In we go!  Through the SAM belts on the outskirts of Moscow - first one missed....then POW - thats a big hit- you better not be horsing around back there you fellahs!  Whats that? Half the tail is missing? (6 damage).  Thats OK we're on the final approach now... 

Check Switches - Switches Correct!
Board Check - Board is Green!
3 miles, target in sight
Bomb bay doors open - 50Mt device selected
Bombs away - Take that Kremlin Comrades!  20VPs!
Well, boys, we got three engines out, we got more holes in us than a horse trader's mule, the radio is gone and we're leaking fuel so hold onto your saddles!

Zone 5: Them commies sure are mad at us now - particu'ly them two MiG jockeys coming up behind us...we're hit!  and hit again!
Time to bail out fellahs, its every man fur himself now....and we're deep behind enemy lines so dont forget yur combination Rooshin' phrasebook an' miniature bible!
(Mig+2 hits for 3 damage, leaving only 1 damage point left.  MiG+1 then took care of that, shooting the B-52 down.)

The crew are currently MIA, but have been awarded a unit presidential citation for destroying Red Square.   

Total VPs: 23                                         Mission Result: Minor Success
Campaign VPs: 120                                Campaign Result: Campaign Success!

Mission Summary- what a cruncher this mission is!  I'm going to have to play this one through a bit more - MiGs seem to be the primary threat until the end so maybe low alt then climb?Taking the 50Mt payload for the primary and ignoring the tertiary may not be the smartest thing, but it was fun

Campaign Summary:  What a complete hoot!  Totally loved it and it took about 1hr 20min total for all 4 missions, even taking fairly detailed notes for this write-up.  I HIGHLY recommend this game.

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