19 January 2011

Schutzkommando and Krieghexen

These ruthless, highly trained operatives are the field agents of Sonderkommando-H. They scour museums, crypts and ruins all across Europe in their tireless hunt for profane relics. Taught in the brutal combat and interrogation methods of the SS, these men are among the most despised and feared soldiers in the ranks of the Third Reich. 

The Krieghexen or ‘war-witches’ are the sorcerer-soldiers of Sonderkommando-H. Trained extensively in the black arts by the dread Zauberer-SS, these men have become tainted by the dark powers they now call their own. A Krieghex can command the elements, can defile the flesh and soul of his fellow man, and can twist the perception of those around him causing an assortment of illusions and disorientation.  

From Darkson Designs, makers of AE-WW2. 

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  1. Oh no, not another figure range that I must have.