28 May 2008

Paint-fest: Day 5 progress

  • NVA - now that the reshaped fig bases fit, they have been glued onto the bases. I should be able to complete the basing tomorrow.
  • Mounted my first Sniper team and started another. Initially I was a little disappointed with the Tiger Cams but they dried a different colour and I like them more each time I see them now. Again, I should be able to finish off the basing tomorrow.
  • Cleaned up the Duster, PBRs and the Zippo M113 for undercoating
  • Planned some individually mounted peasants (to inhabit the hootches I've just done)
  • More time grudgingly expended on frivolous 1:1 painting and Uni requirements...

Also, I've just realised its been a year since I started this Blog and only twenty hits shy of achieving 7,000!

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