24 May 2008

Paint-fest: Day 1

I've got 2 weeks off work starting today with an ambitious modeling agenda in mind.
I also have a Uni essay to knock over (the last one!) and the usual domestic considerations but lets see how we go.

To maximise productivity, I'm going to add a few comments each day (mostly for myself) on what I've gotten done and leave eye-candy photos until the end.

The 'to-do' agenda:

2 NVA Rifle Platoons (1 squad done)(Flashpoint figs)
4 Downed aircrew/objectives markers (Peter Pig figs)
US Special Forces and snipers (Peter Pig figs)
2-3 Peasant stands (Peter Pig figs)
start some local force VC units (Peter Pig figs)

2 LCVP (Peter Pig)
2 PBRs (Peter Pig)

6 resin Hooches (Flashpoint)
complete my modular Brown Water river sections and bridge
Make more jungle sections with all the new plastic treees I just got delivered
Cam up my other VC Bunkers
make some weapons cache/supply dump objectives
Paint up my rubber road/track sections

Sort out flying stands for my Helos and aircraft
Make some arty/airstrike impact markers

If time permits
USMC Weapons Platoon (Flashpoint figs)
2nd USMC rifle plt (Flashpoint Figs)
Assemble revell 1/100 AH-1 Cobra Gunship (Revell plastic kit)
PACV (Gomi)

Day 1 Progress

  • Cleaned up and undercoated (in white) the resin hooches
  • Undercoated the LVTPs (in black)
  • base coated 3 NVA rifle squads


  1. Keep up the good work! You're inspiring me to finish off my NVA.