27 May 2008

Paint-fest: Day 4 progress

  • reshaped all remaining NVA figure bases - I can now base the whole platoon tomorrow
  • Major filling, grinding, shaping and sanding for the domestically imposed 1:1 scale project work (grumble...)
  • progressed the insanity of 15mm Tiger Stripes: what was I thinking?
  • received my QRF order (M42 Duster, OH-6 'Loach' Recon Helo, M113 Zippo, and a 2.5ton Truck) so I played with the new toys for a bit.
  • caught up with my good mate Owen (up from Melbourne) - generally inspected all items, discussed modelling, developed cunning scenarios and planned further purchases. Over a few coffees and cold refreshments of course!

And more work on the Uni essay - I shall be free from that burden (one way or another) by Friday.

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