20 May 2008

Battle for Hue, 1968

Some very interesting reading here, rearding the USMC's use of Armour in Hue during Tet

During this final phase, M-48 tanks and Ontos antitank vehicles were paired together. This tactic provided an effective combination for dominating the close-in fighting along the tight streets of the Citadel. The tank was used for pinpoint fire and to draw-out the enemy. The Ontos provided an area fire capability as all six tubes unleashed canister shot at close range. This method forced defenders to ground and negated any resistance prior to Marine assaults across streets or open areas. This technique proved so effective that when tank ammunition was exhausted on 17 February, there was a pause in the fighting. Mounted firepower was critical in sustaining the dismounted assault.

For a more detailed account of the battle of Hue, see this:

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