01 June 2007

Figure Review - Main Force VC Rifle Platoon

Lacking a supplier in Victoria, I ordered my pack of figures from Dragonfire Games in Brisbane for AUD$35 and Dragonfire Games doesn't charge for postage, which was great.

The product code fore the Main Force VC Rifle Platoon is FPV014 for those wanting to order a pack or three. The picture below is from the Flashpoint Minatures web site. As bases are not included with the miniatures, i also purchased a pack of FoW bases from Dragonfire Games.

In total there were 39 figures in the pack:
2 x Officer standing with rifle slung
4 x VC with RPG
4 x VC with RPD Machine Gun
4 x NCO with arm raised
25 x Rifleman in various poses

This works out at around .90 cents (well .897 cents) a figure.

Looking at the photos on the Flashpoint web site and forum, i am not sure if i am meant to have two officer figures

There is a little bit of flash to clean up which isn't a problem, as this is easy to clean up.
I am very happy with the figures, especially after getting over the shock of how small they were... i am used to 20mm and 28mm figures.

The paint i was going to use to paint them has dried up, so i will have to buy some more paint before getting stuck into them, which i am keen to do.

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