27 May 2007

Figure review - USMC Rifle Company HQ

I picked these up (once again) from Olympian games for AUD$30. So whats in box FPV016... (This is the official Flashpoint Miniatures pic, which has used Flames of War bases.)

The first thing you have to understand is that a Company HQ is relatively small, so a large portion of the pack is dedicated to casualties. Just how many I didnt realise, as its a large percentage of the blister.

Figure wise you get (all with helmets unless otherwise stated):
  • 1 Officer standing, firing pistol

  • 1 RTO with M14 (same figure as the Rifle Platoon)

  • Leader figure with M16 (same figure as the Rifle Platoon)

  • Marine with M16 signallign with clenched fist

  • Marine, bare head with M16 (same figure as the Rifle Platoon)

  • Medic, unarmed (same figure as the Rifle Platoon)

  • Standing wounded, bandaged head, unarmed, bare-headed x 3

  • Standing wounded, bareheaded clutching left chest x 6

  • Lying on one side wounded, clutching chest, bare headed, unarmed

  • KIA facedown on penny sized circular base x 10

Thats 26 figs for $30, or A$1.15 per figure.

Once again the figures are well detailed and crisply cast. There is very minimal flash and mold lines.

Overall, the figures are very nice, but I cant help feel that this pack is less value for money than the rifle platoon. The figures are of the same high Flashpoint sculpting standard, but of the 26 figs, 20 are casualties which I didnt expect. Thats sufficient casualties for more than a company with every squad having one, so I guess that game requirement is covered off! So the figs are necessary for the game and do give me the Company HQ, but if its firepower and figures on the table you want, this pack isnt what you are after.


  1. Tas,

    Once you start playing the game you will understand why you need all those wound and casualty markers. Most games we play there is never enough :(

  2. Thanks Ken, thats good to know in a morbid kind of way!