26 May 2007

USMC Painting Update

My leathernecks are coming along well with all the figures now basecoated and some detailing completed.

I started off by dividing them into squads and fireteams, which I find a bit more manageable to arrange and not so daunting to paint.
Here is the Platoon HQ stand - 2Lt, RTO and Medic

And 1st Squad (the other two are done as well but look pretty much the same)
Squad Leader and Fireteam 1:
and the other 2 Fireteam stands:

Some detailing (eg flesh washes) and basing yet to be done, but you get the idea and now you can see what the figs are like.

Colours Used
Basecoating order and colours:
1) Medium drybrush with Coat d'arms 226 Olive.
Maybe a little too bright up close, but I think it looks just right from a normal gaming distance
2) Flesh: Coat d'arms 214 Suntanned flesh and 216 Negro flesh on about 1/3 of the troops.
3) Reblacked boots and weapons using Tamiya: XF-1 Flat Black
4) Weapon colouring using very old (15years!) GW: Bolt gun metal for M16 centre sections, grenades, M79 barrel and tops of M14s. yes, its too bright up close, but you can see it from 3 feet away
5) Ral Partha Dunkel Brown for M79 and M14 furniture.
Because I preominantly use drybrushing techniques (because I am lazy), it means not too much detailing is required, and I'm doing wargaming standard figs not character figs (not that I am capable of super detailing anyway!)
Very light drybrush with GW Burnished gold for M60 bandolier ammo belts
Comments and suggetsions welcomed as always!


  1. My mate Raplph sent me this message:

    Great looking stuff Tas ! Very realistic ! Good attention to detail, including races. And I like your pal Owen's ANZACs. The M113s with ACAV Turret is just like we had in the ROK. You ANZACs keep up the good work. We want to see more

  2. Another mate o mine, Marconz, wrote this;

    Nice work on the grunts, and nice embedding of AN!