22 May 2007

Figure Review - USMC Rifle Platoon

The ANZAC figures are lovely, but in all honesty I couldnt play a main Australian force and still be impartial! So, I'm starting with a USMC platoon which I got from Olympian games the other day (Aus$40).

This is the official Flashpoint Miniatures pic, which has used Flames of War bases.

First impressions:
Good quality figures, dynamic poses, moderate levels of flash so some cleaning up required. Figs are quite detailed, including the obligatory helmet containers, bandoliers and crisply detailed webbing.

What you get: 45 figs - thats Aus$0.89 per figue - good value for such detailed figs
All in hemets unless otherwise specified

Leader standing with arm raised, M16 x 2
Leader standing and pointing, M16 x 3
Medic (no weapon) x 1
Radio Operator talking on radio, M14 x 1

Marine, standing and leaning forward in firing stance, M16 x 4
Marine, braced in standing firing position, M16 x 4
Marine, walking sighting over M16 x 3
Marine prepping grenade, M16, x 3
Marine walking forward, bare head, M16 ready x 4
Marine walking M16 x 3
Marine, running with M16 ready, x2
Marine, patrolling with M-79 blooper x 3
Marine, kneeling and firing, M14 x 3
Marine, patrolling, bare head, M14 x3
Marine, patrolling, M14 x3
Marine, standing and leaning forward in firing stance, M14 x 4
The figs match the USMC platoon organisation - 3 rifle squads, each with three 4 man fireteams and a squad HQ of 2 men, plus a Platoon HQ of 3 which makes it quite distinctive. Note that the USMC dont have M60 MGs in a rifle platoon (unlike the US Army or ANZACs), they are retained in the Company Weapons Platoon. To offset that, they are 'Gung-Ho' and can reroll morale tests during assaults.
The downside:
I'm not really keen on the "Marine, walking sighting over M16" pose, but then again, thats only 1 pose out of the lot and 3 minis in total so not bad at all. The bare headed faces also look a bit bit or overly featured, but on bare metal its hard to tell (and not that I am a wonderful facial features painter anyway). Overall, only two very minor negative aspects to some good figures.
Now to start cleaning up the flash and get them prepped!

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