30 March 2023

March Hobby Wrap Up

March has come and gone, but it has seen the completion of Season 13 of the Analogue Painting Hobby Challenge!

We covered an eclectic mix of Genres: War of the Roses, Necromunda, WW2 Yanks, 40k, Last War and this little game themed on turnips that you may have come across...

As ever it was a lot of fun and very focusing for us magpie gamers- thanks to Curt and the crew who made it happen, and the wonderful and supportive AHPC community


Amongst the AHPC wrapping up and work travel, I also enjoyed an intro game of Silver Bayonet with Slowpainter John and club mate Gav. I've had untouched forces in our pile of shame for some time, and this was quite a fun game. Not overly complex but with a lot of potential for campaign settlings and some fun scenario design.

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