27 March 2023

AHPC XIII: Turnip Rocket Battery

Obviously I need to close out AHPC13 with some Turnip related goodness. TBH additional travel recently saw me run out of time to do these overblown root-vegetable bangers the full justice (and extra crew) they deserve BUT they do add to our Turnip side challenge.

Master Gunner Molar oversees his Battery

Anyway, presenting two Rocket batteries for my Turnip army; one printed and the other other scratch built based on a completely impractical hitching post arrangement, and both protected from enemy musketry and giant crabs by gabions.

Squelchy rings his triangle to warn everyone that the Rockets are firing

The big hand painted banner is once again of the champaign foil design, naturally!

I couldn't resist a little homage to this classic!

Thats it for me for AHPC 13 - thanks everyone, its been a (mostly turnip filled) blast!