04 March 2023

February Hobby Round Up

Well another month has passed.  I've been on the road/water quite a bit, and Reilly has returned to weekly Kill Team games at the local GW shop which is fun. We have built our new hobby lights, which we like to call the "Dual Halo Effect" (those only ones we are likely to collect!) - cheesy, but it lets us both have good light to sit together for hobby time.

I also caught up with Comrade James and had a very fun experience with his Aeronautica Imperialis collection. How fun? Yes, you can guess...

And finally, my 13yr olds niece has been DMing us through some wonderful TTRPG adventures, hooked up over Skype and with my kids playing too. Its been a real hoot to see gaming through her new eyes and helping her present her great stories. (we are using the Four Against Darkness rules set at the moment)

Looking ahead, AHPC will close out shortly and I'm on track to meet my modest target

The unofficial AHPC motto


  1. Ha ha . Love the motto! I will Nick that for the discord ! Great to see you gaming family / community growing