16 March 2019

AHPC9: (Anti) Fellowship Bonus Round

I thought I would address this bonus round from the opposite side of the theme, while also completing my Season IX Curtgeld.

This is Lurtz, Saruman's first Uruk-Hai Commander - destroyer of the Fellowship of the Ring.  Leading a small warparty of Uruks, Lurtz tracked and attacked the Fellowship in the ruins of Amon Hen.  While he was defeated in this encounter, its outcomes saw the Gondorian hero Boromir slain and the Fellowship broken.

This is a 28mm GW fig in their smaller (and nicer IMO) LOTR proportions.  I have used Vallejo Mahogany Brown as the base for the skin to fit with his dark tone in the movie.  As a Curtgeld figure I have refrained from the basing so that it can match the rest of the horde when it arrives.

Points wise that is 5 points for 28mm fig, plus 20 points for Curtgeld an adding the bonus round 50 points - that's a high yield 75 points for a single figure! :-)



  1. Definitely one of my favourite LotR figures - he just screams “Come and have a go if you think you are hard enough!!”

  2. I really like Lurtz in FotR. Nicely done!