18 March 2019

AHPC 9: Lupi Feroces

My last AHPC 9 submission is a final addition to my Orci Invicti army aka Romanised Orcs.  Roman Legions predominantly used Auxilia to deliver scouting and cavalry forces.  I have chose to deliver these effects to my army not through mounted forces but trained wolves: the Lupi Feroces.
The 11 wolves are directed by a Beast Master (Orc not scored for this submission)

These are Northstar figures from their Frostgrave range. I have based them in the same frozen ash style as the rest of my Romanised Orc army, using the 3-2-1 method for Dragon Rampant.  I intend to use them as a lesser warbeast unit.
The Lupi Feroces are indeed 'hungry like the wolf'!

I enjoyed doing different colours to make them all unique, giving the pack a motley look
Eleven 28mm figs totals 55 points - which takes me just over a grand total of 1300 points for AHPC IX.  A new PB to finish up on and another major project completed.



  1. Cool looking unit. I think an army of Nirthstar barbarians will look awesome great idea for a unit.