01 January 2019

2018 Reflections

First of all - Happy New Year to all the hobbyists out there in the blogosphere!
Midnight on Sydney Harbour, as viewed from the backyard of the Man Cave 

Which also means its time for my annual, self indulgent recap of my 2018 Hobby Year.

Overall it was fun but curtailed, my returning to sea seeing me away and offline for multiple extended periods.  Painting was down, games were down, blog posts were down to barely 30 for the year - but what Hobby I did, I quite thoroughly enjoyed.
My AHPC 8 tally
I really enjoyed participating in AHPC VIII, meeting my stretched goal and gaining two RU position in the Bonus Rounds. Always a great event backed up by a wonderful online community.
The favourite entry of AHPC 8: Freikorps Armoured Car
Games wise, Battlegroup continued to be a favourite, with Dux and I playing the Barbarossa Campaign followed by a number of really enjoyable Battlegroup Tobruk games with Slowpainter John.
Dux takes in the lie of the land as his British Armour advances against my DAK recon force in Nord Afrika
I also discovered Frostgrave this year, thanks to Dave of the Left Handed Panzerfaust - a fun, quick game which really suited my schedule.  Lots of fun
My Orc warband for Frostgrave
At the club we also played a number of WW1 games as our homage to the Centenary of Remembrance

Some other stuff I painted this year:
Dwarf Command Group for the Lad

Orc riders I painted for Slowpainter John

Celtic Roundhouse I really enjoyed building
The start of my Romanised Orc army
I did get to one convention this year: MOAB. Me and the lad caught up with Comrade James and had a great game of Gaslands - riotous fun!
The Lad betrays his godfather on the race track - probably my fav game of the year
I anticipate 2019 will be similar - lots of absences and dalliances with a range of gaming projects, though I do hope to get to CANCON at the end of this month. I'll just take it as it comes, surrender to the new shiny, and enjoy the great company along the way.

Best wishes to all for an enjoyable and hobby filled year.


  1. Best wishes to you and yours too, mate!

  2. Happy New Year Paul and here's to plenty more hobby related fun next year!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful 2019, full of wins and shinies :)

  4. Happy New Year to you and the family!

  5. If by new and shiny you mean BATTLEGROUP: NORTHAG count me and the rest of us in! Happy New Year, sir!

  6. Happy New Year to all!
    We prefere the orcs !