17 December 2018

Dwarves and AHPC Preps

Its been a busy run up to Christmas and the end of the year.  After a number of deployments and periods at sea, I am looking forward to a good few weeks off at home with family and hobby.
Most of the latter right now is about preparing for AHPC IX - particularly the mass (for me) of 15mm DAK Infantry that will soon accompany my Panzers for games of Battlegroup Tobruk and Torch.  In the meantime, I have also been clearing the decks of some unfinished projects
I enjoyed completing this Dwarf Command Stand, comprised of old Grenadier models that I picked up at the MOAB Bring and Buy a few months ago. They really clicked together and I wanted to build them into a dynamic looking base. I quite enjoyed this project, which is destined for the Lad's Dwarf army.
BTW The F style rune is the one Gandalf carves into Bilbo's door, to lead Thorin's Company there in The Hobbit

I must admit that I was so over prepping models that I just had to paint something else - mea culpa!
Also from the MOAB Bring and Buy stand, this Chaos Dwarf Hero will join my evil Army, and mercilessly seek out the Dwarves of the above Command stand in battles to come!
Hammer time!