20 February 2018

Second 1941 Desert action

Yesterday saw another swirling Battlegroup Tobruk clash between John's and my combined Axis force and Alan's British. The Axis force included some lighter DAK elements and a column of John's lovely Italian M13 tankettes.  We used the Flank Attack scenario and all of these units have been painted in the past fortnight by all 3 players, which is rather remarkable!
Opening moves - Axis advice from the bottom and right hand side against light Allied recon elements
Detachment from 5th Leicht Division lead the advance with motorcycle borne Bersaglieri mortarmen 
...while Armoured cars scout out the right flank
With the setting sun in the enemy eyes, the Axis forces advance!
LRDG lurkers behind the lines (this one was painted by Patch)
First blood to the Germans as a 222's Autocannon finds the range on a Universal Carrier!
Laagered up to capture the objective, but heavier British Armour is threatening!
Italian tankettes arrive and swirling mayhem ensues!

British Humber in defile position opens up...

...but is flamed by a 222 in return!
The Crusaders advance...
...under the careful scrutiny of their Commander!
Looking a little grim for the Germans. The 8rad on the right was particularly resilient against repeated Crusader salvoes to hold the position and the objective
Well sighted and timed British 25 pdrs and mortars find the range,  distrusting the Axis rear and punching through the soft turret armour of the M13s
The LRDG patrol beat a hasty retreat from a menacing and all powerful advance of a Panzer I !
But nothing can escape! One for the history books - a Pz I kill!
At this point (and with playing time running out) I jumped the 222s onto the last objective to claim the "all objectives held" victory. It was a little gamey to be honest but at least it gave our scrap a conclusive ending. Another turn or two and I think Alan's heavier tanks would have rolled us off the table rather conclusively. It did, however, show the utility of light and agile forces flexible employed across a big area and able to reinforce one another.
Alan bows before the might of the Ariete Division's tankettes!
The scenario also showed the flexibility and relative lethality of autocannons in the early war period where much is lightly armoured and tank main guns are modest (typically well under 50mm).


  1. Really like the mat you are using, it makes the whole desert vibe work well.

  2. Replies
    1. 500 per side, with the Axis force being an Italian Ariete Division list with 25% German allies

  3. Very nice! Good to see everyone having fun.