18 February 2018

First Battlegroup Tobruk clash

After much anticipation (and model building), last week saw our first run out of Battlegroup Tobruk with Alan pitting his new 8th Army Armoured force against John's Ariete Division. It was awesome to get the new toys onto the table and fight in a new theatre of operations.
Alan's fantastic Crusader II cruiser tanks

The battle was a swirling melee in which the Italian tankettes performed beyond all expectation (assisted greatly by some appalling British dice results) - predominantly this was by firing to pin and then taking the stationary target under aimed fire.  Penetration was rare but even a glaring shot caused a morale check and Alan's propensity for rolling low saw a number of crews abandon their vehicles.
The Generals prepare for battle!
Of interest was our experiment with rules for direct fire smoke - a common tactic of CS tanks which would fire smoke onto a target to enable friendly forces to advance.  We did this as area fire, the result of which only allows the target to conduct area fire in return.  Quick, uncomplex and worked well.
In the end, the brave little trio of M13s were dispatched by Alan's last (!) pair of Crusaders cunningly using a reaction move over a hill crest and then taking under fire at close range. At this stage the game was called as the infantry heavy Italians had no residual AT capability and were forced to withdraw from their defensive position.

It was a fun first foray into the Western Desert and very inspiring for m to get my DAK in a playable position, which I have done and am off this afternoon for their first tabletop appearance!


  1. Outstanding! I am finishing up my DAK panzers for battlegroup Tobruk as well!

  2. At first look to first picture We believe it was a real picture !
    Terrain is great... and Crusader... stunning !
    Great job Alan !

  3. Looks like great fun! Good to see a game with lightly armoured tanks. Very evocative of the theatre and point in time.

  4. Looks like a fun game! I initially thought that I’d start with Tobruk, but then got distracted by Kursk. I aim to go back to Tobruk so seeing your battle helps me keep that goal in mind.

  5. Very nice looking models and pictures there, seems like it was a fun game!

  6. Looks like a great game in a small area.

  7. Beautiful looking models. Well done

  8. Great looking game = love the Italian tanks

  9. Gorgeous stuff! Very envious.