15 February 2018

Painting Challenge - DAK Light Forces and and Orc Drummer

Its been a busy few weeks with work travel etc so my pace of AHPC8 submissions has slowed.  Nice to get a few in this week after a bit of a dry spell.  Here they are:

15mm DAK

Last week Alan unveiled the start of his 8th Army project for Battlegroup Tobruk with some fantastic Crusader II tanks - some of his best work in 15mm IMHO (and I've seen most of it at some point).  This week I present the start of my corresponding DAK project:

Appropriately leading this modelling push are the Recon and Light elements of the Army.  While my full army is a mix of manufacturers, these are all Battlefront models and I've enjoyed personalising each of them.  Unfortunately, I also painted them like I would 28mm vehicles with a silly number of washes and layers.  Accordingly, they took way too long to finish but I do love their veteran, desert worn look.

Leading this week's submission is a quartet of iconic Sd Kfz 222s, and I have done some alternate turrets for them as well to enable all the force options.

For heavier Recon tasks is this pair of 8 rads:

My Light Panzer element is a reinforced platoon of four Pz IIs and a Pz I (so cute!):
Forgot to do the Platoon Commander figure! One for next week's batch

And finally, a cracking little PzJg I which adds some modest AT firepower to this screening force.  Not a monster killer but it will keep Alan's Daimler Dingos and Universal Carriers pause for thought.

My next DAK focus will heavier Pz IIIs but for now that's twelve 15mm vehicles (and a couple of extra turrets) for 72 points. 

Challenge entry is here: From Paul OG: Africa Korps Recon and Light Panzers (72 points)

'Music/Musician' Bonus Round

My entry went through a range of challenges from missing models to me mucking up an order and not getting the figure I wanted  Then Marty from the club gave me this...

This Orc War drummer was produced by a small Australian company called Inquisition miniatures in the mid 80s.  In those pre-internet days they didn't get out of the Aussie market much and once GW found out about their imitative sculpting style the IP alarms went off. Inquisition no longer trades and hasn't done for a long time.

Anyway, I bought this figure as a young teenager and half painted it. It was then one of those minis I would seem to find everywhere, feel guilty about not finishing and then loose it again only to be haunted by it again a week or two later. This continued until it was lost to antiquity when I moved out of home several years later.  My gaming club mate Marty was offloading some old figs recently and gave me this, which I immediately recognised.  So here, a couple of decades late, is my completed Inquisition Miniatures Orc Drummer!

See the entry here: 


We are now well past the half way mark of AHPC 8 and these entries take me almost to my target of point 500 target.  I have more work travel coming but will stretch my goal to 600.