11 December 2017

Fighting Sail action ahoy!

A squadron of Royal Navy 6th Rates
A fun night last week playing Fighting Sail with Comrade James, Colonel Bish and the Canberra boys.

Admiral Comrade James in action!
I enjoyed the rules, which are quite abstracted when compared to most other Napoleonic naval games.  All the usual chain vs grape vs shot options and tracking of hull and crew points etc are all missing. Instead, they are abstracted to enable players to take charge of multiple ships easily without bogging down play.

As a result, I felt like a Commodore fighting a squadron, letting the ship Captains fight their ships. We managed to play a 3 v 3 and a 2 v 2 game all in an evening.  Great fun!

Fire as she bears!
A lovely Langton ship under French colours with ratlines and rigging 
British Squadron of 3rd Rate Ships of the Line deploy smartly in formation

All these lovely ships belong to the other players, but they have given me some inspiration to break these out during the upcoming painting challenge.  Long have they daunted me..

Other inspiration from around the www:







  1. There really isn't anything prettier in the gaming world than a table with a blue matt and Langton minis

    1. Hard to argue with that Miles...in a hobby sense anyway! :-)

  2. I want to look into these now. THanks Paul! I have "Sails of Glory" still in the shrink wrapping and am terrified to open them for fear of complexity!

    1. SoG has a great wrap, though I've never played them.
      If you can play Battlegroup you don't need to be concerned :-)

      In any event, you can always use the ships and play with Osprey's Fighting Sail rules.

  3. > Long have they daunted me...
    Do what I did. Get your mates to paint and rig them for you as a birthday present :-)

    1. You clearly have some good, close friends Millsy!

  4. I look forward to seeing those ships in the Challenge! Great looking game, good to hear the rules work.

  5. Very nice pictures. The rules philosophy you described sounds very interesting - although I enjoy Battlefleet 1900 I do find myself bogged down with a pencil and paper a lot. Perhaps a rewrite is in order...