16 December 2017

Boardgames Day

Dave of our Odin's Night Games club had the team around to his awesome gaming shed for a play date the past weekend - and a great day it was.

We started off playing an old favourite Memoir 44, in the multi-player Overlord configuration which I hadn't tried before.  10 players; on the other table a Stalingrad scenario, on ours a Tobruk game.  I really enjoyed the back and forth nature of the battle and our strategy to attrite the Germans eventually delivered an Allied Victory (heavily enabled by my partner's unbelievable dice skills, it must be said).  I understand the Soviet defenders prevailed on the other table too.
The Tobruk board laid out ready for action
The Axis commanders

After lunch the other table broke out Robo Rally...
Slowpainter John takes charge of the Robots!
...while we played Blood Rage.  I hadn't tried this out before and found it to be a fun game. The minis are just beautiful too.  Somehow I managed to jag a beginner's luck Victory on that one too.

And I have to show this pic of Dave's Gaming Emporium. He skipped the Man Cave and went directly to a full barn. Most awesome!
Thanks for a great day everyone and for hosting us Dave!


  1. Looks like great fun. Never played a 10-player boardgame but it looks amazing, especially the Tobruk variant. And what a venue!!!

  2. That barn looks awesome. So envious!
    I've heard good things about Memoir 44, but I've never had a chance to play.

    1. Its WW2 Command and Colours, so its card based. I really like it and have for years, though this is the first time I've played the big overlord style games with multiple players

  3. We demand interior pics of the barn!

    That Memoir game looks like it would have been great fun!

    1. Lets just say that it is truly a Cave of Wonders!