05 November 2015

Tankfest at the Hobby Shop

A big cat waits for prey...
We are off to enjoy Fall-In today!  While we are gone I'll leave you with these pics of a recent Tanktober celebration (well it could have been incidental, but professionals don't believe in coincidences now do they...)

Two weeks ago my local Hobby shop put on a six player FoW game which was rather an impressive setup.

It was a 1945/late war/Fall of the Reich style game played lengthways along a long 12 x 4 table, pitting 4k of advancing Soviets from one short send, 4k of advancing Americans from the opposite short side, and 6k of Germans sandwiched in a defensive position in a central city.

Each nation had 2 commanders to make it a 6 player game.  On top of that, the Russians and Americans weren't allowed to talk out loud to coordinate their actions (no common codes you see).

...while Ivan advances on the right...

...and on the left...
...supported by the big guns of the Red Army
Stalin's "God of War" looks impressive. I love the diorama effects with the spent shell casings but all that Arty should be off board!
Meanwhile on the other flank the Americans advanced more cautiously...

...with their own guns in support...

...to be met by some angry Panthers in defensive positions
The boys were clearly having fun and had made a few adjustments to the rules to make them work better in this fun setup.  The lead elements of both allied forces had taken a good blooding but the US and Soviet aircraft were getting into the fray and starting to pick off the big panzers.

The ruined city terrain is by Novis (the guy who used to own JR Miniatures) and is very, very nice even unpainted (it had arrived two days before the game) - I clearly need some.  So do you Alan.

Another gratuitous King Tiger shot, because it was Tanktober!
See you when we get back from Fall-In!


  1. Now that is an impressive sight, what a fabulous set up. Enjoy Fall In, expecting lots of photographs on your return.

  2. Awesome. That Novus stuff looks good. cheers