04 November 2015

Fall-In! Who is going?

EDIT - I am reposting this because it got a bit lost in the treads of Tanktober, is now only a few days away, and I'm getting excited!

The Lad and I are off to the HMGS Fall-In! show :-)

We are road tripping to Pennsylvania with another local warmer for 3 days of fun and dice.

We've booked in for a number of different games - WW1 Aerial battles over France, Gnome Pirate skirmishing, WW2 Tank smashing and Age of Sail battling!  Plus all the usual stands, exhibits and second hand stalls.  Should be a hoot!

While there we are planning to meet up with Miles from Lair of the UberGeek blog and Steve from Sound Officer's Call. Would love to catch up with other bloggers who will be there too - let me know if you are going.

Post convention eye-candy to follow of course :-)



  1. Cant wait! See you soon, Paul. Getting my SOC T-Shirts prepared this week.

  2. Have a great trip and don't forget to charge the camera.

  3. Replies
    1. Looking forward to some Fighting Sail action with you on the Sunday Miles!

  4. I'll be there! (40khobbyblog) along with Cheat'n Steve. Steve and the rest of the TGS game club are running a really fun ww2 North African modified Bolt action Sollum game. The game has hidden movement and shooting for the german defenders. Makes for a very tense advance by the South African troop. I hope you drop by the table and say hi.

  5. Collins Epic Wargames will be there. Stop by, Paul, I'd like to say hi. Bring a Spearpoint Stout if you have any ;)

    1. Awesome - I just got my Eastern Front goodies too!
      All long gone I'm afraid, but I'll buy you a replacement :-)