17 November 2015

Flint and Feather

The lovely display figures at Crucible Crush's vendor stand at Fall-In!
As I said in our Fall-In Games post, the Lad and I had the opportunity to play Crucible Crush's new Native American skirmish game "Flint and Feather".  Its a small scale, up to a dozen per side game set in the immediate pre-colonial and early settler period in North East America.

Players build a War Party led by A Great Warrior who is assisted by a Companion, bulked out with War Bearers and with one or two novices (aka Striplings) along as well.  Keeping your Stripling alive is important in the campaign game too.  Consider that the War Party is from a small village and the stripling is your sister's 15 year old son learning how to be a warrior.  Bad things happen when you don't adequately look after him...
A small and beautifully painted War Party prepares for action

The figures are by Bob Murch of Pulp Figures fame and they are really quite beautiful sculpts.  Currently there are three packs available but a Kickstarter project is planned soon which will expand the range and add canoes and villagers as well.

In the meantime you can see some pics on Bob's website here, including his pdf on how to paint up the Iroquois and Huron warriors:  https://pulpfigures.com/huron_iroquois_war/

The game itself requires only a low model count - we played a quick game with just 6 figures each but war parties can be up to 15 figures, so along the same lines as Frostgrave, Empire of the Dead or In Her Majesty's Name.  Being forest wilderness you also don't need a lot of terrain or playing space - 4 x 4 feet would be most adequate and I suspect most gamers have enough goodies to provide enough concealing terrain already.

So how does one say No to a boy who says after the game “I think we should get some Indians and continental militia so we can do some skirmish gaming in the early American colonial period like King Philip’s War and the Last of the Mohicans." Well you don't, obviously.  I really didn't need another new genre but the enthusiasm is awesome.  Needless to say, purchases were made..

The War club is awesome, I really like the variety of weapons available
Thanks again to Lee and Howard to putting on the test games and running some fun events.  Read more about Flint and Feather here: http://www.cruciblecrush.com/flint-feather/

And follow their playtestting blog here, with pics of our Fall-In game by yours truly - though the game report narrative is a little off, while outnumbered I actually defeated Reilly's warriors and scalped his Companion :-)


  1. looks very interesting - I may "need" to get a copy of the rules!

  2. I can a real crossover with SAGA Skraelings fighting Vikings too! Great looking game.

  3. You junky! "oh the lad says...great game can we buy it?" and you fall under the spell. Hahaha, so that makes X=wing and Flint and Feather, come on what else did the LAD con you into buying?

    1. I didn't say I was an unwilling participant, only that I wasn the first one to suggest it!
      As far as excuses or Shiny go, I think its a pretty good one :-)

      Actually there is quite a bit of loot I have yet to confess to...

  4. Looks pretty interesting. Just too many cool games out there!

  5. Splendid figures and pictures!