20 January 2015

OGRE...the second gambit

Having taken his licks in his first game, Right Stuff was back with another Mk III OGRE to give it another go.  I took a slightly different defensive mix, dropping the Howitzer and grabbing a few more  GEVs.  This is how it went:
Thought I would be sneaky and set up for envelopment from both flanks...
...but he saw that coming...
...and that was the end of that plan!
The OGRE drives up the middle, zig zagging very effectively 
and then just plowed through!
...with devastating results to the defenders! 
Not much the defenders can do at this point!
Doesn't matter what he rolled at this point - a win for the Lad1
So with one game each he has clearly picked up the rules well enough!
The next one will be fun indeed!


  1. That's a good counter to your plan. You've got your work cut out for you. Perhaps some naval gaming?