14 January 2015

OGRE...The Next Generation

This week was Right Stuff's birthday and nestled amongst his gift goodies was this little treasure - the recent reprint of the original OGRE pocket edition.  

I remember buying a slightly later 2nd edition (the one in a plastic pocket) at his age too as my first war-game and have loved it ever since.  So it was with quite a bit of nostalgia that I thought it would be an appropriate present for the lad as his first 'real' hex and counter style war-game.

He is off reading the rules now getting ready for our first showdown tomorrow night...

Which reminded me of this great post from way way back in the days of BBCs supporting war-games:


1. There are big, bad things out there, and they might come to get you. Be ready.
2. There's no problem so large that it can't be whittled down.
3. You're going to lose a few units along the way, maybe a lot; accept it.
4. A bunch of minor problems, if you don't stamp them out, can wear you down and kill you.
5. Team work is essential. Nobody has all the attributes to succeed on their own.
6. If your movement is high and your defense is low, don't let them shoot at you.
7. If your defense is high and your movement is low, don't run.
8. In the end, only one thing matters. Know what it is, and be prepared to sacrifice anything for it.
9. Time is always running out.

- by Andrew Walters, submitted to the infamous OGREverse mailing list, 22 Nov 2000.


  1. That looks fun. It's tickling something somewhere in the back of my brain but I can't dredge it up.

  2. Ahh the nostalgia of youth. Ogre is one of those games that has stayed in my thoughts for the years since I fist played it. (So has Snit's revenge).

    1. Lots of fun to unpack it again after all these years too!

  3. Oh Yeah nice, I remember this game, I was a Car Wars man myself :)

    1. I enjoyed a spin or two around Midville myself back in the day!

  4. I have such great memories of this game, the first that my stepfather and I played like zealots and probably the first time we bonded when I was a boy. I also have a memory of a continuously-running, months-long multi-GEV map Ogre game obliterated by an errant flick of an exhaust fan switch when my mom went in the study once. We were finding chits around the room for months....

    1. Awesome!

      Yes, the Lad learned quickly about the nexus of a hex/counter game and inadvertent bumps...