20 September 2014

SAGA Campaign- Round Two Summary

Comrade James Reporting: Round Two of our campaign concluded on the last weekend, with some surprising results....
The scenario was Battle of the Fords, where our exploring Warbands were forced to cross an impassable river, only crossable at two points. I faced off against Doug the Frantic and his Normans with my Anglo Danes, Bish took on the Normans of Jason de Fromage with his Anglo Saxons, and John the Viking clashed with the Scots of Andrew...
Anglo Danes on the left, Normans on the right....

At the end of Turn 1, the Norman Sergeants charge across the stone bridge, intent on doing harm to the Danish warriors standing fast....meanwhile the Anglo Dane slingers score hits on the Norman Crossbowmen across the river, killing 2...

Turn 2, and the Danish war cries continue to intimidate the Norman warriors trying to cross the wooden bridge , blocking the Mounted Hearthguard behind them...the Sergeants smack into the Danish warriors on the other flank, but lose the fight, bouncing back

Turn 3 sees the Danish warriors charge in, using Shieldwall and The Push to wipe out the Normans to a man, which they 
finish off the next turn..

The Danish warriors move up to support their Levy who are taking crossbow fire , staying just out of now range.

Turn 4, and the Normans counter the intimidation with the Warlords free move, finally getting their warriors across the bridge and into the levy, killing half of them.

Turn 5, and battle is joined in earnest over the wooden bridge , the Normans finding their courage against the insults of the Danes and storming over the bridge en masse.

Turn 6 saw the Danish warlord rejoin his lads on the stone bridge whilst the Norman Warlord and his entire army race arcoss the wooden bridge, the warriors taking on the remaining Danish Levy killing 2 more. The Dames respond with a mad charge from the 10 man warrior unit into the 6 man Mounted Hearthguard, with 4 brave Danes falling next to the bodies of 2 Norman Hearthguard as their comrades retreat.. The Normans sense blood, and charge the surviving Warriors, wiping them out but losing another 3 Hearthguard to the Danish Shieldwall 

As the battle concluded in Turn 7, the Danish warriors Hearthguard and Warlord cross the stone bridge to fly their banner , whilst their peasants prepared themselves for their doom at the hands of the Norman army on the the side...final score was a surprising 14-13 win to the Anglo Danes, the loss of the Hearthguard at the end proving the deciding blow to the Normans....

In Jason de Fromage's game of Normans vs Bish's Anglo Saxons, the brave Anglo's attempted to force a river crossing, only to fall to crossbows and cavalry.

The Anglo Saxon Warlord leads the charge across....

...and manages to find and kill the Norman Warlord...a small victory, given the rest of his Peasant army lies dead behind him....a win to Jason.

In the other game between Andrew C and John, the Scots came off second best against a spirited Viking defence, with half the Viking army making it across the river

Round 3 has already begun, with the Escort Scenario, and this is where the top 3 ranked players in each matchup get to choose whether they attack or defend. That means John, myself, and Jason will get to pick, given the match ups are Anglo Danes vs Anglo Saxons, Vikings vs Normans, and Scots vs Normans......


  1. Nice game reports. Battle at the ford scenarios are always hard fought!

  2. Great stuff mate - some hard fought games there!

    So what are the Warlord standings at the end of Round 2?

  3. Standings are: Jason (Normans) 1st on 4 pts, myself (AD) and John ( Vikings) equal 2nd on 3 pts, Bish (AS) 3rd on 2 pts , and Andrew (Scots) and Doug ( Normans) equal 4th, yet to score.

    1. A tight field then - good luck for Round 3 James the Tall!