08 September 2014

Putrid Players!

Today was father's day and I had pre-empted it a little by ordering the new Blood Bowl Team Manger Expansion "Foul Play" for myself.  So after the day's fun the Lad and I sat down to try out the new teams- he took Nurgle while I thought I would try my luck with the Goblins.  Lots of fun ensued, as always with this game, and I liked both the disease mechanic of the Nurgle and the new stadium features.
Right Stuff having no mercy on his Dad - as usual!
I would say though that there seems to be a lot in motion with all the new rules from the two expansions.  Not an insurmountable amount, but a lot.  I'm sure if you play regularly it wouldn't be an issue but its a lot now for a pickup game if you use them all.

All of which is my excuse for loosing the game 39-33 ! :-)

PS Yes this was our first game played since moving to the US - two months without hobby time was a very long time indeed!


  1. I get jumpy without hobby time. I'm yet to give BBTM a good run for its money, glad to hear it is a worthy game.

  2. It's always great to have fun with the little ones. Especially when they share their fathers' hobbies...

  3. Good to see that you were able to get back onto the hobby horse!

  4. Good to see some quality time with the lad on the gaming front :)