09 September 2014

Fathers Day Gaming

Comrade James Reporting: What do all Gamer Dad's do on Fathers Day ? Continue the education of their children in the delights of gaming of course! I spent the weekend with my three Mini Gamers on the Aussie Fathers Day weekend recently, and like Paul, had plans for lots of gaming goodness...lo and behold, Mini Comrade (age 8) asked me if I had heard of Dungeons and Dragons, because he had seen it being played on a TV show and was curious. During the car trips on Saturday attending kid activities, I gave all three kids a taste of a Role Playing game, inventing a scene (ahem, sorry, 'Encounter' ) and giving them a chance to say what they would do...they all got into it, so I took the opportunity of a visit into the city to acquire the new 5th Edition DnD Starter Box...for the next one and a half days, pausing only for a Fathers Day picnic lunch, my three intrepid adventurers took their 5 characters through the forests towards Phandalin, escorting a wagon of supplies through Goblin infested woods....after chasing the sole Goblin survivor to the Goblins lair, surviving the inevitable booby trap, and showing that even an 8 year old can remember to throw the rope to help his sisters up the rocky entrance to the cave, the kids were hooked....the adventure continues, but I'm happy to report three more mini gamers are hooked on RPG's to complement their love of Blood Bowl Team Manager, Munchkin and Talisman......
 New Game Smell selfie

An intense Dungeon Master Moment......note the killer roses to add to the theme....


  1. Good to see you dragging the next gen into the light. Happy belated fathers day.

  2. Bravo! A treasured moment for the Next generation's equivalent of the beloved, classic red D&D boxed set!
    Glad you had a great father's day mate