12 April 2014

New Blood Bowl teams make their appearance

The new season of our local Blood Bowl league kicked off this week with a Dad vs Lad faceoff!  Starting new teams in the Rookies Division, the lad fielded his new Pro Elf team, the Sherthor Sorchers, against my new and not quite so resplendent Chaos Dwarf team, the Darkland Decimators.  To make it even better, we borrowed Comrade Jame's fantastic pitch.  I won the toss and elected the receive in the good weather, hoping to grind some elves into pitch paste early.

Which is exactly what didn't happen. The ball dropped right on my backline where a hobgoblin failed to pick it up on turn one, even with a re-roll, and then showed identically dazzling ineptitude the next turn despite using another reroll.  Right Stuff had no such trouble and his elf catcher sprinted through the lines to pickup the ball in a tackle zone and score after just two turns.  Not an auspicious start for me.

Resetting for another drive, I managed to get the ball into a Bull centaur's hands and bash my way upfield, where he got crowded in and lost the ball.  A hobbo scuttled in though and managed to squeek over the line to level the score with a few turns to go in the first half.  

The next kickoff saw a Throw a Rock! event, which managed to badly hurt a player from each team.  Sadly, Right Stuff lost a Lineman while I lost a Bull Centaur.  It was going to be a tough second half.  This was where Nuffle decided to take an interest in me and I started to finally take some elves off the pitch.  Mostly KOs, but two injuries, one an Armour busted lineman who the elf apothecary attended, and an Elf Catcher badly hurt.  However, I got the player advantage, managed to sack the elf ball carrier and got the ball into a Bull centaur's hands.  Gleefully bashing his way upfield, he scored to take the Chaos Dwarves up 2-1 and leaving the pointy ears just two turns to equalise.
However, Nuffle ignored Right Stuff's pleas and demonstrated that even Elves can fail a dodge roll or two, to give the Decimators a win in their inaugural game. 

Post game management saw an Elf catcher skill up with a surprising Strength boost - as a 4AG 4ST player with no negative traits, he will no doubt become the bain of the league soon.  In the meantime, I had a Chaos Dwarf skill up, rolling doubles to take a mutation - Claws!  I also bought an apothecary with my winnings and am now saving up for the 6th Chaos Dwarf.

The Man Cave will be hosting the Round Two matches over Easter, with both our opponents simultaneously in a double header match-  should be a hoot!


  1. That really sounds great!

    Nuffle will be pleased by the blood on the field!

  2. Sounds like a great first game! Can't complain about a doubles roll for the first skill and I doubt a 4Ag/4St elf is going to be around too long...

  3. Great stuff, I love the board/stadium!

  4. Where's your matching onesie? Pro Elves are probably my favourite team, and a ST4 Elf is an amazing asset.

  5. A second vote for the matching onesie

    Word of warning, I almost always took a drubbing in the game following any game I managed to win over my son - something about karma and such - just be prepared to be wailed upon!

    Looks like a fun game

  6. Looked to be a great time (and in such a cozy setting no less)!

    Fabulous game board as well.

    Have a great time with your Easter matches!

  7. paul, i got to play blood bowl (finally) at a local con here in houston (owlcon @ rice university) and i loved it as i thought i would. i got to play an orc team versus a skaven team and they beat me like a rented mule. of course it was a demo game but still hurt my pride a tad. oh well... your stuff looks great. funny how we seem to play the same games. sick minds think alike, eh? btw - since i'm painting some pirates from black scorpion i discovered that they do fantasy football miniatures as well. check 'em out if you haven't already done so: (http://www.blackscorpionminiatures.com/index.php?cPath=31). they look great! cheers, mate!!