30 April 2014

Darkland Decimators

Introducing my new Chaos Dwarf team, the Darkland Decimators, who are currently playing in the Rookies Division of my local league.

I have a great affection for this team made by Greebo (despite not knowing how to play them correctly yet) as I won them as the Sunday Champion prize at the 2012 Eucalyptus Bowl (see here: http://tasmancave.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/eucalyptus-bowl-2012.html).  But enough of such sentimental drivel - on with the eye candy!

The Stars of the Team: the Bull Centaurs Baron Burzuth and Khathan the Mighty

Heavy Hitters: Chaos Dwarves Sharthak the Smelly, Rahlad the Spiky and Gahnhak the Festive

More Chaos Dwarves: Bharluhn the Untidy, Gorkh the Unpleasant and Jelibad the Jubbly

Hobgoblins: Slaves 46137B, 99994A, L92, P9.75 and 2 spares

The Dreaded Minotaur! (with dismembered Elf!) - converted Warhammer figure

Markers (Turn, Down Bull, Stunned Bull)


  1. Love the verdigris! And the slave names.

  2. Verdigris? I see rust but not verdigris - which figures?
    Love your bull markers pal!!

  3. Absolutely tremendous, but the Minotaur steals the show!

  4. Great looking team Paul!
    Those are some of the coolest Chaos Dwarfs out there, and that Mino conversion is super, congrats!