15 April 2014

Blood Moon

If you look up tonight (here in Australasia anyway), you will see that the Gods are angry with us. The harvest may be affected, and sacrifices may be required to appease their terrible wrath.
Some heretics have suggested that the moon’s orangey-red appearance this week is due to a syzygy — or a perfect alignment of three celestial bodies — of the sun, the Earth and the moon.  They were the first to be sacrificed to the angry Gods.
I have interpreted this event to be a sign for me to return to the Man Cave and paint more Dark Ages figures while drinking a horn or two or ale...

Aussies can best view the eclipse:
Adelaide: Moon rises at 5.48pm; eclipse ends at 7.03pm
Brisbane: Moon rises at 5.27pm; eclipse ends at 7.33pm
Darwin: Moon rises at 6.41pm; eclipse ends at 7.33pm
Hobart: Moon rises at 5.33pm; eclipse ends at 7.33pm.
Melbourne: Moon rises at 5.49pm; eclipse ends at 7.33pm
Sydney: Moon rises at 5.28pm; eclipse ends at 7.33pm
Perth residents will unfortunately be unable to view the phenomenonbecause you are all damned to wander the Afterlife without Hope anyway. 
Dont blame me, its your fault for living on the other side of the country.


  1. Here's hoping for a clear night tonight to catch the show!

  2. You lucky buggers!
    Europe won't have such treat tonight...

  3. Paint well my friend and enjoy the beer

  4. Too much cloud in CHCH to see anything!!!!

  5. It was to be almost 2am here in the US before I could see the moon at the fullest point....I opted for the sleep and look at the pics on the internet today! Hahahaha

  6. Watched it unfold last night as I drove home from Canberra, as a celebration a mate is dropping around to paint minis today. I was going to do blood bowl figures but may change to some dark age ones foe fun.