07 January 2013

Warbots ahoy!

A year or two back the Lad and I did some playtesting for Hydra Miniatures's War Rocket game and had a real blast doing so.

Well this week I got a belated thank-you package from Hydra with a copy of the rulebook (with both our names in it) and a bunch of very cool Robot Legion figures from their "Retro Raygun" series which we have been eyeing off for awhile.

The generous guys sent us pretty much one of each, including Queen Mechanica, two Warbots and two Centurians in different poses, and a Robot Legionnaire Command Unit.

Many thanks indeed for the Awesome goodies guys!  Scaled for 30mm they are a bit larger even than 'heroic 28' figures, but as robots who really cares?

No doubt these will find their way into the service of a suitably Mad Scientist (in the pay of Cultists of course) soon...Bwahahahaha!



  1. Very nice I especially like the silver one eyed fella!

  2. Nice looking figures, always admired there range.

  3. As with Simon Q. I have long admired this figure range and it is only that there is not anywhere local where I can see the range up close and in the flesh. Otherwise I can forsee a number of impulse buys!

  4. Great and unusual figures Paul!

  5. Cool miniatures and great for them to send you them

  6. I love Hyrda's models and customer service, and as someone who has been buying their stuff for years (since they first started selling their awesome ranges), I can say that these sorts of "thank yous" do come often, and have helped me to buy even more. I have a sizeable Galacteer and Robot Legion force, and I am totally waiting for the minis game to be released. I also have two small War Rocket fleets, although I haven't done much with them.
    I love the company and their models, and highly encourage others to check them out.

  7. I really like the top right one..the claw hands are great

  8. ZootSuitJeff of team usa fame has a stunty/skink team with a bunch of tiny robots as skinks and that big guy as the krox. Very cool figs!

  9. Funky. Needs an old movie poster to go with them.