02 January 2013

Cthonic Pyramid WIP

OK, time to start the 2013 with something to show for a few days off!

This is a Cthonic Pyramid made by Fenris Games.  Its a beautiful resin piece, quite large, and with a nice heft to it. I made it up with a colour scheme in mind that wasnt my typical grey stonework and more of a jungle/Myan look with a slightly decayed look.

I was also after an effect on the front carving that wasnt the usual green/yellow eldritch glow.

Here it is, and while I have yet to finish the basing effects,  I must say that I am rather luke warm about it overall so far (my paint job that is).

So at the moment I'm 50/50 about pushing on or stripping it and starting again, but probably the former and see what happens. Here is the lovely front panel detail


  1. Very nice, so carry on I say. How big is the foot-print?

    1. I'll put some figs in the next set of shots for reference for you, buts its roughly a handspan - bigger than I had expected when I ordered it

  2. It is looking great to me. I especially like the way the oozing green offsets the purple carving.

  3. Push on! Push on! It's looking good.

  4. Wow that looks superb so far I really like it, don't strip it!

  5. Improvise and overcome! Don't start over! I've been where you are though... stick it out and the finished product will be even sweeter.

  6. Nice piece of scenario, mate.

    So, what is it that you don't like about the painting?
    I like the overall look, so theres only a two details I'd take into consideration:
    The green patches in the pyramid might benefit from some basing material. some patches of liquens (sp?), some bits of grass, and probably some drops of varnish or some other 'water effect' (If its the jungle and has greens on it it has to be wet IMO).
    The other detail I'd think about for a second is the cthulhu paintjob. I like the purple tones, but they look faded and dry (like desert dry), while if its a jungle pyramid they could look darker, maybe have liquens too and plenty of water in the bas reliefs.
    I'd think about 'Indiana Jones' kind of atmosphere with fair ammounts of vegetation 'hiding' portions of both pyramid and Cthulhu carving, like you could miss it if you passed it flying by plain.
    If you're aiming jungle, theres got be mold and moisture!

  7. The people have spoken and I have pushed on! Thanks :-)

    Ax - great suggestions mate, thanks - thats exactly the plan now I'm moving on. I've been looking at some pics of ancient Asian temples and the jungle effects they have. Particularly foliage and 'wet' bits.

    More to follow shortly!