01 August 2012

Blitz! Issue 5

The latest issue of Blitz! has been released, featuring my own Terracotta Terrors!
I also get a mention on Pg 26 in the EucBowl results.
Things you can find inside Blitz #5:
• Two team showcases: Axtlinge's Three Chile Burrito Bandits and Mancaver's Terracotta Terrors;
• So You Want to be a T.O..., part one of Virral's how-to guide to commissioning a tournament;
• Vain shows you how to use your gaming for good, not evil, in Gaming for Charity;
• Tournament reviews from Cane Toad Cup, Sandgroper Cup and EucBowl;
• A review of the Feudball novel;
• An interview with the feisty gingers from BothDown;
• Part 2 of Hacker's Misery in an Ale Tankard;
• The 2012 BL!TZ Magazine Hall of Fame.
Plus the sub-mags, NAF Final Siren, news and the Last Word. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the winners of the BL!TZ Fifth Birthday Prize Draw and two special BL!TZ/AusBowl events coming soon that you could be involved in: The Road to Glory and the Ironbowl Challenge."

Download Blitz HERE


  1. Congrats on the feature! very cool.
    btw I gave some ideas for the chaos dwarves you asked about- it's replied on the same post as your questions.

    1. Thanks mate - saw that and have made another reply

    2. The link you posted didn't work for some reason- even when I sign on to ausbowl the link takes me to the main forum page, so not sure which dark elf team you meant. I agree that a Greek style would be nice, but also that the Greebo minis wouldn't be the best suited for it. Turquoise & Ivory look great together, and has an ancient persian feel to it to my mind. Another tail idea for them would be scorpion tails- that'd fit the style of those minis nicely. Reaper has some giant scorpions I think you could probably use tails from.

  2. Congrats Paul, those 15mins of fame have arrived.....

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  4. Brilliant, lovely to see the terrors again. I was so inspired when I saw them that I tracked some down for myself!

  5. Congrats on a very cool article Paul!
    Well deserved spotlight on a great looking team.

  6. Well done Paul, Its always nice to see your own name in print.

  7. Congrats on making the magazine!

  8. A well deserved feature. Those "mummies" of yours are incredible.