15 July 2012

Game 7 vs the All French Company

Norse game 7 was against a human team, the All French Company coached by Michel from
France. It was the League leader vs league wooden spoon, and the humans were resplendent in their red, white and blue colours!
The teams trade pre match pleasantries and head-butts
Reilly had 240k in inducements and took a wizard and Boomer Eziasson as a star a player. Weather was fine and the human team got FAME (gate 23,000). Reilly won the toss, chose to kickoff and setup in a deep formation.

The ball landed just inside the line of scrimmage and was scooped up quickly by a human thrower after making a few good blocks along the line and running a thrower downfield. The Norse blitzed said catcher, stunning him handily as they moved to contain the human push down the left hand side and got their own runner heading downfield. The humans caged up more tightly and fended off a Norse blitz before the Yeti got a both down blocking a human lineman, stunning them both. The humans blocked their way out of the cage setting themselves up for a pass as the stunned human catcher recovered and dodged his way further downfield. The Norse kept crowding the ball carrier and also and stuck to the thrower like glue but a Norse blitzer was KOed along the way. A Norse runner blocked down the ogre (with his dauntless skill ) and then a lineman blitzed down the ball carrier. The pigskin dropped into three human tackle zones though and they grabbed it up handily on next turn after KOing a runner. With a 2 player advantage and the yeti being too wild to respond to the coach, the humans were able to eventually clear a path through the dogged Norse Defence. The ball scattered out bounced back in midfield, and the French pulled off a heroic pass action to run in the TD at the end of turn 8. Or would have if he hadn't rolled a 1 for the dodge with the receiver after he caught the pass... The Norse thrower dodged out, picked it up, sprinted, spiraled an accurate short pass to a downfield runner who then sprinted twice to score!!! 1 nil to Norse at half time.

Norse received in the second half, but with Both KOs not returning and Boomer Eziasson taking the field. ( the human also had their KOed thrower not return, so both teams had 10 players on the field). The ball landed way back in the end zone, bounced out for a touchback and the Norse offense began. Hillarious bomb antics ensued and after some juggling it exploded on the Norse line and knocked down 3 Norse players! The humans poured through the gap and sacked the ball carrier - trouble for the Norse!. The lads rallied to get the ball back on the ground, injuring 2 humans in the process before the Frenchmen rushed the ball up to the line. The wizard's lightning bolt knocked it free again, a Norse blitzer grabbed it a chucked it downfield to clear the scoring danger, the long pass was accurate and caught by a lineman in a tackle zone, who ran down field while the yeti clawed open the ogre's armor and charted him with a badly hurt. Five players down, the humans had limited options, but a timely 1 die block put the Norse ball carrier down and KOed him.
Fee Fi Fo Fum - I want the blood of that Frenchman!
The ball scattered out, bounced back and a scrum ensued. A human blitzer pulled off a crowd pleasing dodge, pickup, dodge, sprint, long pass combination and suddenly the ball was back in the Norse half with the ball on the ground. Reilly thought he was suddenly an elf player and threw a long bomb back which was inaccurate but sitting just inside the human end zone. Turn 6 and things were getting desperate for both teams. The human return chuck occurred next turn and Reilly was in a good spot to strike until double skulls ended his turn on the first block. The humans had two turns left to capitalize and couldn't pickup the ball. Neither could the Norse next turn either! The humans performed some last turn desperation moves to get the equalizer, with no rerolls remaining. A block, a blitz, a pickup, 2 sprints, a pass later it scattered onto the ground when the catch failed and the siren blew to finish off the game - Norse win!!!!

Reilly had very hot dice today but got a bit greedy in the second half, focusing on getting the casualties (and spp) instead of playing the safer options to assure a second TD. C'est le vie and good experience.

Michel goes through to the playoffs of course, and we wish him and the All French company all the best! Thank you for hosting us and the wonderful crepes!

This game completed the season, Odinn's Champions finishing up with 2 wins, a draw and 4 losses - not bad for an 11 yr old player!  After being at the bottom of the rung for the last half of the season, this final win out them into 6th place and a certain young man was very happy not to win a wooden spoon!

Overall stats wise, the Norse scored 6 TDs while conceding 11.  For Casualties, they inflicted 14 Cas (including 4 deaths - of whom 3 were elves) while taking 19 (including 5 Deaths, of which 3 were journeymen!) of their own.  Norse Runner No 4 Fafnir Bearclaw came in equal second in the League for TD's with 4 to his credit, and the Yeti Angry Agnarr come in equal third for league casualties with 4 to his name.

It has been a great first season and we have met some great players - we look forward to more action in the ACTBBL!!!


  1. Well done and good experience.....

  2. Congrats to Reilley for a very good win against the League leader!
    That should teach something to those "league leaders"!


  3. Another great report. It just goes to show, you can never afford complacency in Blood Bowl.

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