31 December 2011

2011 Reflections

Another year comes abruptly to an end (again without permission I might add) so what have we done with it? Actually, a great deal I can honestly say and even more than 2010, which can be summed up with “Dark Ages” and “Blood Bowl”.

For the former, it actually started off as a Bleaseworld inspired focus month in March, but them I amazed myself with my persistence to a single gaming genre for many months (this was, in fact, unprecedented), helped in no small way by my buddies who managed to get together every month and get a great Viking campaign going.  I would also say that the encouragement from you all here at the blog also helped a great deal too!

In our sagas we invaded Saxony, defeated the Saxons, smashed the Saxons, slaughtered some trolls, rescued a Princess and had all sorts of merriment: lots of good fun grows from the shaft of an Danish Axe! (and ale horns too...). The Lad loved it too and the concept of character development was something he really got his teeth into. 
The 'Deathstars'

Which is what he then did in spades from about mid year when he discovered Blood Bowl. Actually I was rather amazed at how quickly he has picked up this game, and its specific nuances. He got his first team, the Orc 'Deathstars' and has since tried coaching a number of other races.  I have loved rediscovering this gem which I have played on and off (more off though sadly) since the late 1980s.  I had fun with my old skaven team but also have been developing the Vampires, which has been an enjoyable challenge.

Orc star blitzer scores a TD at "Blocktober'

We have also expanded this genre to include listening to BB related podcasts when we travel, so thanks to Three Die Block for all the great ideas, advice and good laughs along the way. We also attended the 'Blocktober' tournament in Melbourne and met some great guys there who were very welcoming.
The Lad scores his first ever TD!
Event wise this year we had our Festival of the Boot, went to the Nunawading Wargames Association Open Day, played at Conquest 11, and had a nerdgasm at Supernova.  Most importantly though, we got together with friends to play no less frequently than monthly and played twice with Owen at Western Wargames Association.  Great times.

To cap off the year, in the week before Christmas the Man Cave was relocated almost a thousand kms Northwards – thanks for all the well wishes and yes it all went well with only a few gaming related casualties. I also just had an article being published in WargamesIllustratedIssue 291, with my thoughts on how to train an opponent, and featuring the Lad extensively as you might imagine.

So a good gaming year, well focused without too much divergence.  Accordingly projects like Weird WW2 and VSF didn't get much (if any) attention, but it cant all be done.

2012 will have a different focus, though we will start off with the Man Cave Gamers' Viking Demo Game at Cancon on 28 January, which will be a first for us. For the next two years my job will see me travel away from home extensively and have minimal time for modelling.  BB will be there on the weekends when I get home to the family, but I'll have a different gaming focus next year. Some seeds are currently germinating and I'm looking forward to seeing where they lead!

In any event, 2011 was a great year of gaming in the Man Cave. In fact, one of the best for a long, long time.  Thank you indeed for all the support at the blog and wonderful comments and encouragement.  The Lad and I   wish you all the best for 2012 (unless the long predicted apocalypse occurs that is...)  Now we are off to finish the last day of the year with a Blood Bowl grudge match of my Undead against the Lad's new Chaos Team (good one Santa!)


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours! You ran a great blog this year and were a big inspiration for my Dark Age wargaming!

  2. I have to totally agree with Dan. Happy New Year to you too Paul. I have really enjoyed your blog and you have been inspirational for mine.

  3. Happy New Year to you and the family Paul.

    As with the guys above, really enjoy your blog, particularly the Dark Ages stuff, so keep up the good work! Enjoyed your article in WI btw - couldn't believe it when a picture of The Lad showed up in the mag :)

    All the best for next year,

  4. Happy New Year also! I should look to doing one of these reflections also. I enjoyed reading yours!

    Heh, just two more gamas rolling over into 2012 for me to finish off the Blood Bowl League and see if I make the playoffs! So far, I am up on the board to making it!

  5. Awesome year in review, it was fun being along for the ride. Looking forward to 2012 at the Man Cave!

  6. Great round up to the year - I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on the article in WI too. I'm looking forward to picking up my copy from the pigeonhole at work. So are you still moving up to Sydney?

  7. Happy New Year Paul! Congrats on the WI article, and I'm happy to hear everything (including the move) went well.

    All the best,

  8. Looking forward to see more of your stuff in 2012 Paul!

    Happy New Year :-)

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours! A Great end of year review, although the jobs gonna keep you from posting so much, I'm sure 2012 will be an equally successful year!

  10. Happy New Year to you. Thanks for all your hard work on the blog. I enjoy all of your posts but I must admit that I find the Dark Age stuff the most interesting and inspirational. I look forward to more in 2012!!!

  11. the blood bowling was so much fun (beating my dad all the time!)