26 April 2011

Day Out - Conquest 2011

On Saturday, the Lad and I ventured out with my mate Ken to a small gaming convention being held in Melbourne. Conquest has traditionally been an RPG event but it was expanded a bit this year, though many of the usual traders were at the much larger Oz Historicon, being held at the same time in Adelaide.

Overall it was a small show as expected but most importantly we had a great day out. We briefly met up with Owen but he wasn't able to stay very long unfortunately. The lad enjoyed the LARP costume stuff, transforming into his alter ego as "Gizar the Ironic Viking" without any prompting at all!

(and wearing the mail was very instructive on why his characters get agility penalties for wearing lots of armour!)

We saw some lovely 40k terrain, including these rather magnificent tables, which I understand was made by Blue Forge Terrain: as usual, click for bigger pics

A few keen lads in the corner were very busy with their Blood Bowl tourney:

Best of all, we spent about 4 hours playing an awesome Secrets of the Third Reich game, which I'll post a detailed battle Report for to do it full justice - thanks to The Hat Guy and Bennie from the Nunawadding Wargames Association for hosting a very enjoyable game with wonderful scenery and lovely figs.
The SOTR demo table - a great demo game we REALLY enjoyed: Thanks Lads!
Purchase wise - I picked up a numbers of things both at Conquest and when we visited MilSims on the way home.  Loot included:
  • Copies of the two new Death Angel expansions - here here for details. Yes Comrade James, I got you some as well!
  • A DUST Tactics Luthar Walker for my SOTR force.
  • A set of Cthulu dice
  • Some resin Cthulu statuttes for some terrain
  • The obligatory replacement brushes and paints
  • 3 packs of GF9 magnetised square bases for my Vikings and Saxons
  • 4 female Commisar/She-Wolf style figs, again for SOTR.
  • CnC Village Church (which I'll thatch the roof of) and Holy Relic sets for our Dark Age gaming
Perhaps the most important thing that happened all day though was a rite of passage: The Lad purchasing his first set of gaming dice.  He settled on a full range of D4-D20 in green gem style, supplemented by a half doz other ones he liked the look of, plus a dice bag.  Good times!
The Lad visitng MilSims - always a reason to smile!


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. Living in Sydney is a drag sometimes....

  3. But you get MOAB later in the year, and I'm moving to Sydney after Christmas!

  4. looks like a nice little convention, the terrain on the 40k tables looks really good, love the triumph arch, grander tables at competitions are the next step for aussie conventions to come closer to Uk events, no more felt representing hill wood and rough ground!


  5. Ah, a true coming of age story! And matching dice no less! Sadly I was never going to get to stay for long given family committments but glad to see teh Lad in his element eh!