08 April 2011

Incursion Expansion Pre-Order

SNAFU is is now available for Pre-Order!  Nice
Aussies - we go through Little Soldiers (cant see it there yet but it will be soon I'm sure)

The 64 page full color perfect bound SNAFU takes the game to the next level. It contains the following mayhem, madness, and badness:
- 19 new missions to add to the 7 infinitely replayable missions provided in the boxed game. These include solo play, expanded  two  player, and multi-player options . There are also    missions that utilize both sides of the board simultaneously...at last!
- Rules for a host of new (and old) models including MI-13, German SWD, and Lucky Seventh upgrades.
- Up to date FAQ
-  Extraordinary model imagery
- Loads of new fictional bits, background, and character: all the grittiness and thematic triumph you've come to expect from the Grindhouse.

Some nice new minis on the way too - check out the WIP pics at the Grindhouse site below 


  1. That's good stuff and I always like to see other gamers spend money.

  2. i just saw the official announcement whilst surfing the net last night. i gotta get going and finish the second half of me board.

  3. Martin at Little SoldiersSaturday, 09 April, 2011

    Man in Cave speak truth! Yes folks, Little Soldiers will be carrying all of the new SNAFU items, AND I just came to an arrangement with Jim Bailey at Grindhouse to handle pre-orders for SNAFU. Full details should be on the Little Soldiers website before April 11.

  4. Martin now has the SNAFU pre-order stuff on his website here: