30 April 2011

Let there be (more) Beer!

Today was a glorious sunny day to see out April, and probably the last as winter rapidly approaches.

To celebrate, we (me, my dad and my Lad) brewed a new batch of ale (an Australian Pub Draught), visited the home brew shop for more supplies, went to the Mornington Peninsula Brewery for a few tastings, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch (and more tastings) at the Red Hill Brewery.  Then home for more home brew appreciation and a BBQ!



  1. Let beer abound! Tried the Little Creatures Marzen limited edition brew last night - very tasty.

  2. Beer and a BBQ - God's way of celebrating manliness!

    My jaw is becoming steely at the prospect!

    All the best,


  3. Indeed so DC, with a deep hearty laugh to match!

    Alanus - I'll have to keep my eye out for it. And if you can find it "White Rabbit" Dark Ale from Healsville is also a cracker!