13 April 2011

Saxon Warband

To give the Saxons more backbone, we've created a Saxon Warband to oppose the rampaging Nordmen.  I went for an local Lord with a tight knit core of personal retainers who would be the first response to any local incursion:

1. Lord Uhtred.  Level 1 Hero. Traits: Lightning Reflexes, Chainmail, Shield, Helmet, Sword, Saxe (Birthright: Godsborn) Renown: 5
2. Thurferth, Champion, Level 1 Hero. Trait: Selfless. Chainmail, Shield, Helmet, Sword.
3. Wulfric, Champion. Level 1 Hero. Trait: Frenzy. Chainmail, Shield, Helmet, Broadaxe, Axe.
4. Bealdric, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe
5. Garwulf, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe, Spear
6. Leofing, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe, Spear
7. Godloef, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe, Spear
8. Daeglaf, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe, Spear

To create a Saxon faction, we used stats as follows: Hersir = Lesser Hero (with 1 trait), Champion = Minor Hero, Huscarl = Noble Warrior.  This gives the Saxons different stats to the Vikings.  Saxons cannot field Berzerks, and instead get an extra Champion.

I will be running a scenario on Friday and these guys are going to be in the thick of the action. 
Will Lord Uhtred achieve glory in battle? Or will the crows feast on his flesh?

Anyone looking for the free Age of Blood rules can find them here:


  1. This is one of my favorite time periods, thanks for the heads up on the rules- I downloaded them and will give them a look!