01 May 2011

Saxon Church - WIP 1

Last Saturday on the way home from Conquest, I purchased this Church model by CnC Workshop.  Reasonably priced at $20 and a well made laser cut mdf kit, this was a good option for the price rather than build from scratch.  Rather appropriately, I put it together on Easter Sunday, as well as the large wooden cross (aka Holy Relic), also by CnC Workshop.
Church - as is made from the kit

As I put it together though, I knew that simply painting it as is just wasn't going to cut it as far as I was concerned.  Nothing wrong with it, but I wanted it to suit the rest of my Dark Age village.  And having the basic shell pre-done in mdf meant I could invest some time detailing it instead.  Over the last week that's what I've done, the pertinent works being:
Church on large mdf base
  • Adding wood paneling to the bell tower front and sides.
  • Adding a floor to the tower so its usable for gaming.
  • Modifying the main and bell tower roofs to make them detachable and sturdy (so we can use the interior for gaming).
  • Adding wood framing around the main walls to have a wattle and daub effect.  Obviously many Churches of this era were stone, but this was hasn't been upgraded yet.
  • Addition of a side door.
  • Adding wood panel effects to the front door and main entrance.
  • "Thatching" the roofs (using my usual teddy bear fur method).
  • Gluing, filling and sanding the whole thing together.
Church post modification - with roof removed

The original Church - from the CnC Workshop website

Overall this has taken a lot longer than I had initially thought, but PVA takes some time to dry, I only have a single pair of modelling clamps and the many changes have required frequent refitting and modification work.  Overall though, I think my modest additions will make a nice difference to the final version, which will also have interior detailing. I'm basing the whole thing on a large piece of mdf (a DIY placemat from Bunnings actually) so I can add some pathways and a few graves.

Holy Relic of heroic proportions!


  1. Very nice..I like your additions to it.

  2. Nice idea!

    How do you stop the MDF warping with the PVA glue?

  3. Hi Tas,

    Looking very nice indeed so far - this will form a great centre piece for a raid.

    All the best,


  4. Thanks gents!

    DC - sure will. We all know that those priests horde silver!

    Tenzig - I havent used too much PVA so it hasnt been a problem. And given the rustic nature of a Dark Age Church, a little warping would just add a bit of character anyhow! (he says with a confidence he doesnt really feel...)

  5. Very nice, I look forward to seeing it finished

  6. Congratulations!!!


    Keep up the good work :)
    The Colonel

  7. awesome! can't wait to see the end result. i'm right behind you, buddy.

  8. Seems to be very promising.